Regnum Noctus

Chapter 3 (part 1)

Date: March 9th, 1198
Tower Ruins of Tihutia Pass (Hana, Nicolai, William): William helps Hana learn to feed for the first time in her unlife. The result is slightly sloppy, but her victim lived and will probably attribute the night to an odd dream. Meanwhile Nicolai negotiated with messangers from neighboring villages and cities for extra funds for the construction. Through his smooth persuasion he managed to aleviate some of their doubts and recieved donation from the unknown ruler of Kronstadt (the major city that lies on the other side of the Tihutia Pass). After Nicolai discovered the result of Hana’s feeding he brought it upon himself to begin teaching her the ‘proper’ method through the Noblesse Oblige.

Capitol of Galtre (Aegis, Belladona, Emeline): After arriving the group encounted a young woman named Jill (who was very attractive for her station), who seemed to be troubled by guards employed by the Earl. After Belladonna made mention of her interest, Jill became quite the helpful servant, seemingly desperate to get herself and her two younger brothers (both equally attractive looking) out of their current situation. After a gruff encounter with the Earl’s head man DuBois, the group was lead to the Earl’s chambers by an agent of Prince Vencel who was disguised as a guard. They were informed that other Kindred had moved into the capitol in hopes of aquiring ownership of the city and through it, much of Galtre. Upon meeting the Earl, they found the old dying man difficult to speak with as he clung to the advice of a monk supposedly representing the church. Meanwhile Emeline discovered a fellow Kindred named Karin who was servant to the Earl’s son. She found that Karin also looked to rule the capitol through the son and his wife, whom she had blood bound and turned to her ghouls. So far it seemed Karin much more willing to negotiate for joint rulership of some sort than the monk and his master Remus, who Aegis had discovered to be a member of the Cainite Heresy, an order of elders who claimed to be decended from the Biblical Cain, the first murderer.



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