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In this day, Galtre is ruled over by a single Earl, who holds rights to the whole country. He appoints Dukes to rule the cities in his name and collects taxes and tolls from travelers. The influence of the Kindred of those domains varies from city to city, but so far no atempt to reform the council have been made.

Galtre lies on the boarders of an underground war between the vampires of Western Europe and the Tzimisce Lords of Eastern Europe. The trade route that travels through Galtre is a perfect bottleneck for any invading force from either side of the conflict, thus increasing its importance to Kindred on both sides of the conflict.

Total Population: 1,440,438 (8% Kindred)

Cities of Galtre:


As the closest city to the capitol, Bistria once was able to share in the riches and privilidge of the ruling body of Galtre. In better days, Bistria was considered center of trade of commerce of the country, setting numerous locations for merchants to sell their exotic wares before sending the best to the capitol.

This city reflects many of the eccentric and expensive tastes of its ruler, or rather it once did when trade was common. In these nights many businesses, which existed for the sole purpose of entertainment for caravans, have closed or been simply abanodoned.

The city is not completely devoid of night life, but it is a mere shadow when compared to what it once was.

Population: 200,000

Ruled by: Radu, Elder of Clan Ventrue


Last city of Galtre on the road to the holy lands, Bucharest has long been an early warning system of invasion. Where Constanta is usually the first with worldly news from the sea, Bucharest has always been the first to see signs of invasion, whether Tzimisce voivodes, Assamite assassins or even mortal armies, all seeking foothold to the lands of the West.

The city itself lies upon a large hillside and, unlike many of the cities of Galtre, is surrounded by grassy, flat plains. This makes for easily spotting incoming forces as well was perfect land for horse breeding. Indeed Bucharest horses are some of the best in all the lands, second only the agile Arabians bred in the East.

Population: 195,000

Ruled by: Belladonna Sanderson, Neonate of Clan Lasombra


The only port city of Galtre, Constanta is the first to hear news of the world. Merchant sailors and traders (not to mention the occational pirate) are constant visitors to the city and without the coordinated precision of the cities ruler, the city would have fallen to chaos long ago. To account for the many outsiders, the city was divided into two quarters.

The port quarter, home to the traveling merchants, sailors, ruffians and other dregs, contains all the amendities to serve such rabble and make them feel welcome (as long as they have the coin to spend). The high quarter, is home to the wealthy, permanent residence of the city and normally has a strict curfew to discourage the local kindred from feeding upon them.

Population: 203,000

Ruled by: Emeline Thatcher, Neonate of Clan Lasombra


Also known as the “Gate City” functioned as a sort of ‘customs’ for merchants entering the country from the West. Every merchant who seeks to trade goods within Galtre had to go through Dradea to have their wares checked and proccessed.

Unfortunatly, over the years since Mitru left the Council, the city has become locked down. Now the guards turn away any and all who seek shelter within the cities walls, while Mitru hunts down any he sees as enemy and he has become more and more paranoid and violent with each passing decade.

Population: 207,000

Ruled by: William Devonsmith, Neonate of Clan Brujah


Capitol of the country and richest gem in all the land, this city is by far the most developed of all the cities of Galtre. Standing alongside Bistria at the mouth of Tihitia pass the city is far from defensless, holding the bulk of Galtre’s armies and having a rather defensible castle.

Below the city is a vast underground lake that is fed by the Napocca river North of the city. These pasages and chambers were once home to numerous Nosferatu, but in a pact made with the former Council of Ash, the Nosferatu relinquished much of the territory. Within this underground territory lies a great, hidden hall. It is there the former Council of Ash conducted its business.

With the death of the Earl, rule has passed to his son, Lord Alfred of Galtre, who is ghoul to Karin a Neonate who posses as the hand maiden to Lord Alfred’s wife.

Population: 250,000

Ruled by: Karin Smith, Ancilla of Clan Toreador


Kronstadt is considered the city of rivers by the locals. It lies upon the crossing of the Olt and Danube rivers, creating many canals and waterways withint he city itself. Aside from the good fishing from the rivers, the city also provides and recieves ferries that allow quick travel to Constanta, Bucharest and even Bistria (though that is slower going as its travel upstream).

With this system of boats coming and going to the surrounding cities, Kronstadt has become the central point in an information network that spans the lands of Galtre. If there is something to know, than it will eventually make its way through Kronstadt and by proxy, the ruling Nosferatu.

Population: 200,000

Ruled by: Marusca, Elder of Clan Nosferatu


Furthest city from any other in Galtre, Timisoara has mainly stood alone. This might also be enforced by the fact that Timisoara lies on the border of Tzimisce territory, but the locals are of no help. Though polite, most locals of Timisoara are leary of outsiders and most refuse to even speak English, preffering the common Slavic tongue instead.

Its current ruler has so far been reasonable (for a Tzimisce) and even once had a place on the Council of Ash.

Population: 150,000

Ruled by: Vintila Basarab, Voivode of Clan Tzimisce

Current Locations of Importance:

Tihutia Keep

The ruins of the keep once watched over the great, winding Tihutia pass, the only real road through the jagged spires of the Carpathain mountain range that cuts through the country. For the longest time, as long as the keep held, the way through the country was secure from invasion.

In the end though it was not an army that caused the keep to fall to ruin. Though no local can really say who or what it was.

The keep’s location is not purely for tactical defense, the tower of the keep is rumored to lie upon a great ley line that passes through the heart of Galtre. Why and for what purpose have so far remained a mystery.

Currenlty the tower is the domain of Nicolai to further his investigation into the prophesy’s of Kupula.



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