Regnum Noctus

Chapter 4 (part 3)

Date: December 30th, 1198

Bistria, Radu’s Gallery (Hana, William): After being visited by her sire’s favored ghoul Francis, Hana discovers Cecil is far more finicky than she knew. Cecil now has a new favorite childe and Hana is effectively replaced. Not wanting to believe Francis’ words she confronted her sire herself with William following to ensure her safety. Sadly, her confrontation only hammered home how cruel Cecil truly was and how little she mattered to her sire now. After a brief heated confrontation with Cecil and William, Cecil revealed that he was not Hana’s original sire and in fact it was a Toreador named Cerec, though she does not know where to start looking for him. As they left Hana found that William was threw dealing with the corrupt elders of Kindred society and was leaving for Mitru’s territory to start again. Having no other options Hana went with him to Dradea.

Galtre, Roads and Forests (Emeline, Jill): Emeline met with Roland, senechal and childer to Prince Vencel Rikard of Budapest who is also the patron of the cotorie and the one who organized the idea of rebuilding the Council of Ash. In her own bid for power she cut all ties to the cotorie and bargained the senechal to grant her a princedom of her own and in exchange she would reveal the Duke and his family whom Aegis had allowed to let live. Roland, who still nursed an insult to his honor from Belladonna and Aegis some years ago, jumped at the chance. In the end Emeline managed to run into Jill,who was fleeing from the old tavern where she once dwelled and the sight of her brothers as they mourned her loss. Collecting her childer with her they set off with Roland to deliver the Duke and his family to Prince Vencel, sealing her contract for a princedom and dooming Belladonna and Aegis to an angry retribution.

Galtre, Karin’s Court (Aegis, Belladonna, Nicolai): Belladonna, having discovered Emeline had packed much of her things from the tower, headed to Prince Karin’s court to find her lover. She instead only found Aegis and Nicolai who were discussing the territories of Galtre and their current rulers. Karin made mention of the domain of Wallantia who had strangely been free of Kindred influence. Beyond that Bell could feel Karin was hiding some truths from her about a new Prince who would take over Constanta since the imposter Nova Arpad’s final death at the hands of William and Nicolai. Little did Bella know that Karin already knew of Emeline’s plans and had decided to aid the Lasombra in her bid for power, knowing full well the position of being seen as a female servant and little else.

Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Date: November 19th, 1198

Constanta (Hana, Nicolai, William): Nicolai, with William’s help discovered Nova Arpad was not only the person she claimed to be, but had actually killed the orginal Nova and put her ashes in an urn as some strange form of altar. They further discovered that she had plans to abandon Nova’s persona and take Hana’s as a replacement. They confronted the fraud just in time to stop her from killing Hana and taking her identity. In the ensuing struggle they found out that Nova was actually a Nosferatu in disguise. Though her reasons behind all this died along with her in the fight.

Kronstadt (Aegis, Belladona, Emeline, Jill): By night’s end the group gathered near the front, watching the manor burn along with all inside. The Duke’s family long-snce escaped by underground passage that moved along the river’s edge and only Aegis, Jill and Emeline knowing that fact. The favor for Prince Rikard now done, and their futures within Galtre were now all but solidified. After this night things would be different, they would be Kindred of note in the Country of Galtre with favor enough to possibly even obtain Princedoms of their own in one of the cities of Galtre. If not Princedoms then a high place of standing among the noble caste in a city that already has a prince. And of course seats upon a new Council of Ash, one that will run this country as they saw fit (provided they hold to their duty of maintaining a secure border against would-be invasions to Western Europe). Each had a future of sorts, even if it was not the future they were seeing at this moment…

Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Date: September 9th, 1198

Tower Construction, Basement (Nicolai): Nicolai meets with Lucita of Aragon, Neonate of Clan Lasombra and scholar of prophesy myth. In an effort to build an alliance with the Malkavian scholar and gain a contact she might access, Lucita gave Nicolai a gift in the form of an old book on Slavic Gods and myths relating to Galtre and the surrounding lands. A valuable tool as Nicolai’s research have come up with the name Kupala which is slavic in origin. The downside is that the book is written in, of course, Slavic, a language Nicolai is unfamiliar with.

Tower Construction, First floor site (Hana, William): Hana spoke with Myka Vykos, elder of Clan Tzimisce, who was visiting the cotorie, about local news and happenings. During their talk, Hana discovered that Myka is actually native to Galtre during his breathing days, his family once nobles to a city on the other side of the Carpathians called Wallantia. The topic of the cotories current financial crisis also came up. In an, seemingly, generous gesture, Myka offered to provide the needed money to finish the tower on time before winter came. In exchange the cotorie must fullfil a favor for him that he has yet to name. The symbol for their agreement is half of a small silver ring he gave to Hana, who, in a startling show of confidence, agreed on befalf of the entire cotorie.

Worker Camps (Aegis, Jill): Jill found Aegis, cold company as she lamented about what she lostbecause of her newfound Vampiric state. This situation was made all the harder as she watched her younger brothers trying to help out at the worker camps. In the end Aegis suggested she cut off all ties to her mortal life.

Tihutia Cliffs (Belladonna, Emeline): Belladonna and Emeline spoke about Emeline’s actions in Embracing Jill rather than letting Belladonna do it. Emeline was able to keep her intention hidden from her lover for the time being. Afterwards they bonded further chatting about potentional ‘toys’ among the new cotorie.

Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Date: March 10th, 1198

Tower Construction Site (Hana, Nicolai, William): William had discovered a rash of bandit attacks along the pass to the tower. Nicolai found this a perfect opportunity to teach Hana the basics of the Noblesse Oblige. It also provided William with a vent for his growing frustration at the whole situation, which did not endeer him to his fellow cotorie members. While the lesson did not go entirely as planned Hana did walk away with a valuable lesson: She was, in her words, a monster. Meanwhile Nicolai’s psyche reinforced the idea that he was in the right place and it was only a matter of time until more information came to him.

Caplital of Galtre (Aegis, Belladonna, Emeline): The cotorie’s plans were accelerated upon discovering the Earl died over night under circumstances that could only have been from a Kindred. After convincing Karin, Lord Alfred’s servant and sercret master, they were not the ones who did it the group headed toward the church where a large gathering was called for the whole city. Aegis and Karin traveled ahead to the Earl’s crypt only to find it empty and Remus, the elder Kindred whoes servant Aegis had questioned the night before. Remus all but confessed he was the one who turned the Earl, but it seemed he was equally suprised that the Earl’s body was not here. He threated Aegis and Karin and promised death to their mortal servants before departing. As they exited the cryp they found just how far Remus was willing to do as they witnessed his servants try to set the church, along with everyone in the city in it, aflame. After battling with the monk servants to stop it, Aegis managed to delay the burning long enough for Karin’s servants to evacuate the people inside.

Meanwhile Belladonna and Emeline discover Jill had been taken on her way to the church. Following the kidnapper led them to Galtre Castle. Inside they found the Earl, fully turned into Kindred and completely mad with power and very, dark, lusts. He had attacked and raped Jill and fed upon her after he had killed his head of the guard, and his son and his wife. While Emeline moved Jill to safety Belladonna used her devious social skills and natural beauty to distract the Earl long enough to stake him. As she did, Emeline made the choice to save Jill’s life by Embracing her as a Kindred. With the Earl dead, staked out for the sunrise, Remus gone, fled to avoid reprisal for his brash mistakes, and Lord Alfred still alive, though his wife was now dead, Karin was able to have Lord Alfred inherit the rights to rule Galtre and hold the domain through him. She promised rights and domains within the capitol and Tihutia Pass, along with what funds she could spare to help with construction.

Chapter 3 (part 1)

Date: March 9th, 1198
Tower Ruins of Tihutia Pass (Hana, Nicolai, William): William helps Hana learn to feed for the first time in her unlife. The result is slightly sloppy, but her victim lived and will probably attribute the night to an odd dream. Meanwhile Nicolai negotiated with messangers from neighboring villages and cities for extra funds for the construction. Through his smooth persuasion he managed to aleviate some of their doubts and recieved donation from the unknown ruler of Kronstadt (the major city that lies on the other side of the Tihutia Pass). After Nicolai discovered the result of Hana’s feeding he brought it upon himself to begin teaching her the ‘proper’ method through the Noblesse Oblige.

Capitol of Galtre (Aegis, Belladona, Emeline): After arriving the group encounted a young woman named Jill (who was very attractive for her station), who seemed to be troubled by guards employed by the Earl. After Belladonna made mention of her interest, Jill became quite the helpful servant, seemingly desperate to get herself and her two younger brothers (both equally attractive looking) out of their current situation. After a gruff encounter with the Earl’s head man DuBois, the group was lead to the Earl’s chambers by an agent of Prince Vencel who was disguised as a guard. They were informed that other Kindred had moved into the capitol in hopes of aquiring ownership of the city and through it, much of Galtre. Upon meeting the Earl, they found the old dying man difficult to speak with as he clung to the advice of a monk supposedly representing the church. Meanwhile Emeline discovered a fellow Kindred named Karin who was servant to the Earl’s son. She found that Karin also looked to rule the capitol through the son and his wife, whom she had blood bound and turned to her ghouls. So far it seemed Karin much more willing to negotiate for joint rulership of some sort than the monk and his master Remus, who Aegis had discovered to be a member of the Cainite Heresy, an order of elders who claimed to be decended from the Biblical Cain, the first murderer.

Chapter 2

Date: June 29, 1198 A.D.

Bistria, Radu’s Court (Aegis, Belladonna, William) – The three managed to convince Prince Radu to provide funds for their task. Though Belladona’s beauty seemded to be the winning factor in this. Unfortunatly it put them only halfway to their goal of being able to complete the tower’s ground floor by winter. Radu, while friendlier than most elders, did seem to have his own goals. To keep his power and have a seat on the new Council of Ashes should the group be succesful in their task. Thankfuly it seemed his goals were easily detectable.

Bistria, Estate (Emeline, Hana) – Hana spent much fo the night speaking with Myka, who was polite if not a bit curious about Hana. From Emeline’s perspective, Hana told Myka much of who she was and what she was doind here as the night went on. Myka spoke little of who he was, but she did learn a bit of Constantinople, the closest great city to the south not ruled by Moors and Heretics (middle eastern peoples). She also learned some of its ruler, Michael, Methusela of Clan Toreador. By night’s end, Myka promised to visit Hana on occation for more friendly chats should she wish it.

Bistria, Estate (Nicolai) – While the others were distracted with their own goals, Nicolai visited the dank basement of the estate. In his search he found an old library with strange tomes, most too worn to be readable save one. In it he learned of an old legend of a great force bound within the very land of Galtre many centuries ago. It named many places of importance to this force, but Nicolai did not recognize any of the names save one. The Mouth of Tihutia, or rather the tower at Tihutia pass, the very sight they were tasked to rebuild. It seemed his next

So Our Story Begins...

Start Date: 22nd of June, 1198 A.D.

This is a time on the cusp of change within Europe. Western Europe has begun to expand its influence into the territories of the Eastern Europe, though not all natives of Eastern Europe welcome this change with open arms. As it has been for centuries, where mortals seek to go, the Kindred are not far behind as they too wish to aquire more domains under each of their respective banners.

London England, Prince’s Court – The Prince was satisfied with the selection of Aegis and William to represent his interests in Galtre. To show his support in Mithras’ decision, Bartholomew provided two covered wagons, driven by two horses each. These would provide cover for the two Neonates as they traveled during the day. Tethis provided a contigent of 8 ghouls that would guard them on their travels. The wagons and ghouls were now the property of the two (1 wagon and 4 ghouls for each), a gift for their journey as Tethis said.

Paris France, Prince’s Court – Francis had packed Hana’s belongings and, unlike Cecil, was quite tearful in his goodbye, like a parent sending their first child away to school. Cecil was collected as ever, but still seemed affected by her leaving. She was given a cozy carriage, that was sun proofed so she would not have to lie in a coffin or crate during the day. At Francis’ insistance a contingent of six ghoul guards were provided, Cecil insisted that Hana learn about ‘feeding’ ghouls before he aloud her to have them. Nicolai had resources of his own enough to provide himself with a covered wagon unfortunatly his master was not of enough influence to provide ghouls and Annette would not grant Nicolai the boon of creating his own.

Florence Italy, Estate of Robert Sanderson – Robert said his heartfelt goodbyes and was able to use his resources to provide a sun-proofed carriage for Belladonna and Emeline. While he did not possess the boon to create ghouls, he was able to convince his own sire to ‘gift’ her granchilder with a small group of four ghouls to guard them during the day.

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