Regnum Noctus

Chapter 2

Date: June 29, 1198 A.D.

Bistria, Radu’s Court (Aegis, Belladonna, William) – The three managed to convince Prince Radu to provide funds for their task. Though Belladona’s beauty seemded to be the winning factor in this. Unfortunatly it put them only halfway to their goal of being able to complete the tower’s ground floor by winter. Radu, while friendlier than most elders, did seem to have his own goals. To keep his power and have a seat on the new Council of Ashes should the group be succesful in their task. Thankfuly it seemed his goals were easily detectable.

Bistria, Estate (Emeline, Hana) – Hana spent much fo the night speaking with Myka, who was polite if not a bit curious about Hana. From Emeline’s perspective, Hana told Myka much of who she was and what she was doind here as the night went on. Myka spoke little of who he was, but she did learn a bit of Constantinople, the closest great city to the south not ruled by Moors and Heretics (middle eastern peoples). She also learned some of its ruler, Michael, Methusela of Clan Toreador. By night’s end, Myka promised to visit Hana on occation for more friendly chats should she wish it.

Bistria, Estate (Nicolai) – While the others were distracted with their own goals, Nicolai visited the dank basement of the estate. In his search he found an old library with strange tomes, most too worn to be readable save one. In it he learned of an old legend of a great force bound within the very land of Galtre many centuries ago. It named many places of importance to this force, but Nicolai did not recognize any of the names save one. The Mouth of Tihutia, or rather the tower at Tihutia pass, the very sight they were tasked to rebuild. It seemed his next

So Our Story Begins...

Start Date: 22nd of June, 1198 A.D.

This is a time on the cusp of change within Europe. Western Europe has begun to expand its influence into the territories of the Eastern Europe, though not all natives of Eastern Europe welcome this change with open arms. As it has been for centuries, where mortals seek to go, the Kindred are not far behind as they too wish to aquire more domains under each of their respective banners.

London England, Prince’s Court – The Prince was satisfied with the selection of Aegis and William to represent his interests in Galtre. To show his support in Mithras’ decision, Bartholomew provided two covered wagons, driven by two horses each. These would provide cover for the two Neonates as they traveled during the day. Tethis provided a contigent of 8 ghouls that would guard them on their travels. The wagons and ghouls were now the property of the two (1 wagon and 4 ghouls for each), a gift for their journey as Tethis said.

Paris France, Prince’s Court – Francis had packed Hana’s belongings and, unlike Cecil, was quite tearful in his goodbye, like a parent sending their first child away to school. Cecil was collected as ever, but still seemed affected by her leaving. She was given a cozy carriage, that was sun proofed so she would not have to lie in a coffin or crate during the day. At Francis’ insistance a contingent of six ghoul guards were provided, Cecil insisted that Hana learn about ‘feeding’ ghouls before he aloud her to have them. Nicolai had resources of his own enough to provide himself with a covered wagon unfortunatly his master was not of enough influence to provide ghouls and Annette would not grant Nicolai the boon of creating his own.

Florence Italy, Estate of Robert Sanderson – Robert said his heartfelt goodbyes and was able to use his resources to provide a sun-proofed carriage for Belladonna and Emeline. While he did not possess the boon to create ghouls, he was able to convince his own sire to ‘gift’ her granchilder with a small group of four ghouls to guard them during the day.

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