Lucita of Aragon

Neonate of Clan Lasombra


Embraced: AD 1190

Apparent Age: late teens

Known Disciplines: Obfuscate, Auspex

Though she appears as a noble woman and scholar, Lucita holds herself with a level of self-confidence and control that is uncommon with her gender in this age. She has long dark red hair and brown eyes that betray her maturity and age and fine dresses fitting of her royal blood, though the dresses are always made with some thought to praticality and mobility.


Born the daughter of Alfonzo II of Aragon, Lucita grew up in priviledge, but she chafed under her responsibility to her father and family. She thought of patricide many times, and she ran away often, only to be caught by the Aragonese guards and returned to her father’s custody. Rather than discipline her himself (as royalty he had better things to do), Alfonzo shuffled her off to confession each time, trusting that God and the Church would engender penitence in his daughter. The fact that her confessor was the vampire Ambrosio Luis Moncada made this assumption patently untrue. The bloated unliving churchman recognized an indomitable will and fierce independence in Lucita. These, combinded with his unholy lust for her, consipired to convince the bishop to Embrace her.

Though she continues to chafe under Moncada’s suffocating leadership, she has proven herself capable enough to be granted true responsibility. These nights she serves her Clan as a diplomat of sorts aquiring information and allies for her sire by whatever means she deems fit.

Lucita of Aragon

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