Myka Vykos

Elder of Clan Tzimisce, member of the Primogen of Constantinople, Childe of The Dracon


Embrace: AD 1002

Apparent Age: mid-20s

Known Disciplines: Auspex, Objuscate, Vigor, Visscitude

To say Myka is beautiful would be an understatment, years of practice with the Tzimisce discipline of Visscitude have perfected Myka’s appearance in almost all ways. He has perfect proportion, perfect symetry and features that portray absolute nobility.


Myka was born of a noble family within the country of Galtre. As a youth he was discovered to have a natural talent for true magick and was taken in by House Tremere, then still a branch of the Order of Hermes an order of human mages who use alchemic formula and ritural to use their power.

When Tremere took his house into the carpathians to become that newest Clan of Kindred with it’s stolen vitae, Myka did not follow. He was, instead taken, by The Dracon, a powerful tzimiscie elder who new of Myka’s family line. The Dracon saw fit to spair one who was born with the Tzimisce homeland a fate of being bound to the Tremere.

For much of his time Myka has played the part of the loyal and trusted childe. Myka genuinely respects his sire, but feels not such loyalties to the rest of his clan. His desire seems to be freedom, mainly from his duties and esspecially from his sire’s lover Michael, whom he has little care for and see’s him as just another method of control.

Myka Vykos

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