Elder of Clan Nosferatu, Member of the Primogen of Constantinople


Embraced: AD 842

Apparent Age: Hard to determine

Known Disciplines: Obfuscated, Auspex, Vigor

Malachite keeps much of his face and body covered, but his stance is normally hunched and twisted. Should his face be seen by someone they would see a pale hairless figure, with yellow sunken eyes, misshappen ears and a mouth that is split far too wide filled with crooked sharp teeth.


Malachite is the chosen name of Maleki, a former prelate in the Orthodox Church. Bound by a blood oath to an Orthodox Lasombra, Maleki made the grave error of contradicting his sponsor, a deed that could not go unpunished. Rather than kill Maleki, the Lasombra had him Embraced by a Nosferatu named Vasili the Penitent Dog. Patriarch Michael was outraged by the act, and he took Maleki under his wing, trying to undo the psychological damage done by the Lasombra. Maleki, renamed Malachite, has been an enemy of the Lasombra ever since.

Malachite is trying to save Constantinople, esspecially the great collections of knowledge and wisdom he and many of his Nosferatu protect and covet. He is an avid believer in the dream that is Michael and will go to any lengths to see it come to fruition.


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