Prince of Paris and Council Member of The Courts of Love.


Embraced: AD 948

Apparent Age: mid-teens

Known Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Majesty, Vigor

Annette appears as a beatiful, blond haired young lady. The pretty and popular girl whom everyone wishes to know. She always wears the latest fasions of Paris and has even been rumored to have started a few herself.


Born and raised in the lap of luxery and privilege, Anette had a talent for getting whatever she wanted be it through her father or through some fool nobleman whom she manipulates with her charm and beauty. In fact it is rumored that even her embrace was controlled by her, playing on her sire’s desires to have her. Annette speaks little of it and her sire was never found to find out the truth of her tale.

Despite her pretty looks, Annette has a devious mind behind her golden curls. She is strategic and calculating and mainly self serving. As a Prince she plays the part of a skilled host, keeping her courts as a never-ending party in celebration of whatever fad seems most relavent at the time.


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