Ghoul to Cecil Clarembout and caretaker to Hana Lovette


Born: AD 1115

Apparent Age: early 20’s

Known Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity

A servant with a fashion sense and a flare for color is the best description for Francis. He is always well dressed, clean and organized. Should such an event occur that he is not, one would think it would be the biggest crisis on earth.


Francis is the longtime ghoul of Cecil and, due to his age and experience, is given more freedom than the average servant. He is an expert in all things a Seneschal should be and he has had a lifetime to prefect his craft. While his outside may appear to be somewhat frivolous, and even effeminate, he has proven time and again his skill at what he does. While, Cecil’s affection for Hanna is kept under some control, Francis does not appear to have any such check to his emotion (even to the point of tearing up).


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