Bartholomew Munroe

Elder of Clan Brujah, Primogen of London and Sire to William Devonsmith


Embraced: AD 877

Apparent Age: late 40’s

Known Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor

Bartholomew is a broad shouldered man with a well trimmed beared and long brown hair both containing small streaks of grey. He purposly dresses in a manor more suited to a common man than a wealthy noble.


A practical man, Bartholomew has always tried to keep informed on the happenings of the common man. He is well-known speaker and, like many of his clan, can become quite passionate about any cause he champions. While he does have the skill of soldier, he preffers the role of foreman to the people and vocal activist for the Brujah cause in London.

Bartholomew is rather open about his history, taking pride in the fact that he was born a peasont farmer’s son in the outlying province of York. Ever one to raise himself above expectations, he became squire to an old lord who educated Bartholomew in many different subjects. From then on Bartholomew began his fight to the top, fighting to be judged by the actions of a man rather than his supposed noble-blood, a fight that had him thrown into prisons from time to time.

It was during a rally of peasantry that Bartholomew found his sire, a Brujah of some status, who was drawn to Bartholomew’s passionate speech to rile up the peasantry. Though the rally was disbanded brutally by the guards, the Brujah managed to keep Bartholomew from the racks and took him in as a ghoul that very night.

It was only a matter of time to his embrace, and another tool for him to continue his fight for status.

Bartholomew Munroe

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