Cecil Clarembout

Elder of Clan Toreador, Primogen of Paris and adopted-sire of Hana Lovette


Embraced: AD 970

Apparent Age: late 20’s

Known Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Vigor

Cecil is a handsome, controlled man, dressing in the latest fashions of Paris. His features are synonymous with Parisian nobility and it is rumored he was descended from royalty and is usually neat and always well groomed.


He comes off as an intelligent, well-composed man, but he is known to have something of a temper (though it has never been directed at Hana). While calm and controlled around those he must work with, he is kind and gentle to Hana his childe, and seems more relaxed around her than even his lifelong servant Francis. Though even then his affections are controlled and kept in check.

Cecil does not speak of his past, preffering others to know him as he is now, powerful, influential and in control.

Cecil Clarembout

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