Tethis Cuthbert

Elder of Clan Ventrue, Primogen of London and Sire to Aegis Dimatri


Age: 500+

Apparent Age: early 50’s

Known Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Majesty, Vigor

Tethis appears as a middle-aged nobleman, with midlength brown hair, trimmed beard, both with streaks of grey, dressed in an old commander’s uniform from his breathing days in the city of Constantinople and usually with a stone-faced expression.


He is an old soldier and his mannerisms and language show it, though he does seem out of touch with the current age. Whether from a degeneration in his moral standing or a snap in his mind, Tethis is obsessed with keeping a proper order in his life and all aspects of it. This includes his domain, haven and even his childe Aegis, whom he held in training for many years before Tethis even considered presenting him to the Ventrue.

Tethis Cuthbert

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