Regnum Noctus

Chapter 4 (part 3)

Date: December 30th, 1198

Bistria, Radu’s Gallery (Hana, William): After being visited by her sire’s favored ghoul Francis, Hana discovers Cecil is far more finicky than she knew. Cecil now has a new favorite childe and Hana is effectively replaced. Not wanting to believe Francis’ words she confronted her sire herself with William following to ensure her safety. Sadly, her confrontation only hammered home how cruel Cecil truly was and how little she mattered to her sire now. After a brief heated confrontation with Cecil and William, Cecil revealed that he was not Hana’s original sire and in fact it was a Toreador named Cerec, though she does not know where to start looking for him. As they left Hana found that William was threw dealing with the corrupt elders of Kindred society and was leaving for Mitru’s territory to start again. Having no other options Hana went with him to Dradea.

Galtre, Roads and Forests (Emeline, Jill): Emeline met with Roland, senechal and childer to Prince Vencel Rikard of Budapest who is also the patron of the cotorie and the one who organized the idea of rebuilding the Council of Ash. In her own bid for power she cut all ties to the cotorie and bargained the senechal to grant her a princedom of her own and in exchange she would reveal the Duke and his family whom Aegis had allowed to let live. Roland, who still nursed an insult to his honor from Belladonna and Aegis some years ago, jumped at the chance. In the end Emeline managed to run into Jill,who was fleeing from the old tavern where she once dwelled and the sight of her brothers as they mourned her loss. Collecting her childer with her they set off with Roland to deliver the Duke and his family to Prince Vencel, sealing her contract for a princedom and dooming Belladonna and Aegis to an angry retribution.

Galtre, Karin’s Court (Aegis, Belladonna, Nicolai): Belladonna, having discovered Emeline had packed much of her things from the tower, headed to Prince Karin’s court to find her lover. She instead only found Aegis and Nicolai who were discussing the territories of Galtre and their current rulers. Karin made mention of the domain of Wallantia who had strangely been free of Kindred influence. Beyond that Bell could feel Karin was hiding some truths from her about a new Prince who would take over Constanta since the imposter Nova Arpad’s final death at the hands of William and Nicolai. Little did Bella know that Karin already knew of Emeline’s plans and had decided to aid the Lasombra in her bid for power, knowing full well the position of being seen as a female servant and little else.



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