Regnum Noctus

Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Date: November 19th, 1198

Constanta (Hana, Nicolai, William): Nicolai, with William’s help discovered Nova Arpad was not only the person she claimed to be, but had actually killed the orginal Nova and put her ashes in an urn as some strange form of altar. They further discovered that she had plans to abandon Nova’s persona and take Hana’s as a replacement. They confronted the fraud just in time to stop her from killing Hana and taking her identity. In the ensuing struggle they found out that Nova was actually a Nosferatu in disguise. Though her reasons behind all this died along with her in the fight.

Kronstadt (Aegis, Belladona, Emeline, Jill): By night’s end the group gathered near the front, watching the manor burn along with all inside. The Duke’s family long-snce escaped by underground passage that moved along the river’s edge and only Aegis, Jill and Emeline knowing that fact. The favor for Prince Rikard now done, and their futures within Galtre were now all but solidified. After this night things would be different, they would be Kindred of note in the Country of Galtre with favor enough to possibly even obtain Princedoms of their own in one of the cities of Galtre. If not Princedoms then a high place of standing among the noble caste in a city that already has a prince. And of course seats upon a new Council of Ash, one that will run this country as they saw fit (provided they hold to their duty of maintaining a secure border against would-be invasions to Western Europe). Each had a future of sorts, even if it was not the future they were seeing at this moment…



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