Regnum Noctus

Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Date: September 9th, 1198

Tower Construction, Basement (Nicolai): Nicolai meets with Lucita of Aragon, Neonate of Clan Lasombra and scholar of prophesy myth. In an effort to build an alliance with the Malkavian scholar and gain a contact she might access, Lucita gave Nicolai a gift in the form of an old book on Slavic Gods and myths relating to Galtre and the surrounding lands. A valuable tool as Nicolai’s research have come up with the name Kupala which is slavic in origin. The downside is that the book is written in, of course, Slavic, a language Nicolai is unfamiliar with.

Tower Construction, First floor site (Hana, William): Hana spoke with Myka Vykos, elder of Clan Tzimisce, who was visiting the cotorie, about local news and happenings. During their talk, Hana discovered that Myka is actually native to Galtre during his breathing days, his family once nobles to a city on the other side of the Carpathians called Wallantia. The topic of the cotories current financial crisis also came up. In an, seemingly, generous gesture, Myka offered to provide the needed money to finish the tower on time before winter came. In exchange the cotorie must fullfil a favor for him that he has yet to name. The symbol for their agreement is half of a small silver ring he gave to Hana, who, in a startling show of confidence, agreed on befalf of the entire cotorie.

Worker Camps (Aegis, Jill): Jill found Aegis, cold company as she lamented about what she lostbecause of her newfound Vampiric state. This situation was made all the harder as she watched her younger brothers trying to help out at the worker camps. In the end Aegis suggested she cut off all ties to her mortal life.

Tihutia Cliffs (Belladonna, Emeline): Belladonna and Emeline spoke about Emeline’s actions in Embracing Jill rather than letting Belladonna do it. Emeline was able to keep her intention hidden from her lover for the time being. Afterwards they bonded further chatting about potentional ‘toys’ among the new cotorie.



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