Regnum Noctus

Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Date: March 10th, 1198

Tower Construction Site (Hana, Nicolai, William): William had discovered a rash of bandit attacks along the pass to the tower. Nicolai found this a perfect opportunity to teach Hana the basics of the Noblesse Oblige. It also provided William with a vent for his growing frustration at the whole situation, which did not endeer him to his fellow cotorie members. While the lesson did not go entirely as planned Hana did walk away with a valuable lesson: She was, in her words, a monster. Meanwhile Nicolai’s psyche reinforced the idea that he was in the right place and it was only a matter of time until more information came to him.

Caplital of Galtre (Aegis, Belladonna, Emeline): The cotorie’s plans were accelerated upon discovering the Earl died over night under circumstances that could only have been from a Kindred. After convincing Karin, Lord Alfred’s servant and sercret master, they were not the ones who did it the group headed toward the church where a large gathering was called for the whole city. Aegis and Karin traveled ahead to the Earl’s crypt only to find it empty and Remus, the elder Kindred whoes servant Aegis had questioned the night before. Remus all but confessed he was the one who turned the Earl, but it seemed he was equally suprised that the Earl’s body was not here. He threated Aegis and Karin and promised death to their mortal servants before departing. As they exited the cryp they found just how far Remus was willing to do as they witnessed his servants try to set the church, along with everyone in the city in it, aflame. After battling with the monk servants to stop it, Aegis managed to delay the burning long enough for Karin’s servants to evacuate the people inside.

Meanwhile Belladonna and Emeline discover Jill had been taken on her way to the church. Following the kidnapper led them to Galtre Castle. Inside they found the Earl, fully turned into Kindred and completely mad with power and very, dark, lusts. He had attacked and raped Jill and fed upon her after he had killed his head of the guard, and his son and his wife. While Emeline moved Jill to safety Belladonna used her devious social skills and natural beauty to distract the Earl long enough to stake him. As she did, Emeline made the choice to save Jill’s life by Embracing her as a Kindred. With the Earl dead, staked out for the sunrise, Remus gone, fled to avoid reprisal for his brash mistakes, and Lord Alfred still alive, though his wife was now dead, Karin was able to have Lord Alfred inherit the rights to rule Galtre and hold the domain through him. She promised rights and domains within the capitol and Tihutia Pass, along with what funds she could spare to help with construction.



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